Centralization of Information

With Fastmin, the client will have centralized all the information of their cases in mining matters, registrations in Public Registries, Landmark of the Area of interest, companies owned by him that have active cases in mining matters, projects in the matter of mining easements. All with the purpose of providing an easy and convenient access to all legal issues that are specific to the mining area related to mining titles and easements.

Area Cadastre

All Fastmin cases integrate the cadastre functionality, which indicates where the area of ​​interest where a certain project is located, which is updated according to whether or not third parties have intervened in the area claiming rights (as in the case of Pedimentos and Manifestacion in Chile; Petitorio Minero in in the case of Peru) generating an alert for the client in order to inform in advance that their rights are being threatened so he can adopt the best decision in the defense of his rights. When this situation occurs, the button below the phrase “cadastre will appear in red” and in the start menu, in the surveillance section, the description of the situation that has occurred will appear in red, for example “Overlap”.
Cadastre is also found in the other Fastmin sections, in order to inform if a project has been reduced or expanded, keeping the client up to date on the current status of the application processes.
By clicking on the cadastre section, a pdf map will be displayed containing the coordinates of the mining title or project as the case may be.

Patent Payment Notice

Fastmin warns about the payment that the holders of mining concessions must make for the benefit of the Government, which are programmed from the information section. In the case of Chile: from information and in the cases of the exploration concession application (“Pedimento”) and exploitation concession application (“Manifestación”). In Peru: in the case of the Mining Application (“Petitorio Minero”) the system will generate an alert that will notify about the payment of these patents, going from green (low), to yellow (medium) and to red (high) as the deadline for compliance arrives; The client will be automatically notified of the alert generated and paid by the client, these alerts will be downloaded, and the vouchers and payment forms will be stored in the platform.
This functionality allows a historical tracking of paid patents, since non-payment of these patents can lead to the loss of mining rights or lawsuits against the client.

Negotiation tracking

This Fastmin functionality is remarkable since it allows making a historical record of those meetings or negotiations that the professionals in charge of a case have been engaged. The system sets a 30-day alert to report the results of said negotiations and will notify the client about the content and also when the deadline is about to expire.

The idea is to provide total transparency to the client in our processes, so that the client has access to the activity that takes place when entrusting a claim, and that is precisely the criticism that is usually made, that is, that the client cannot manage to appreciate all the work that has been developed by not being timely informed. Fastmin gives the client access to everything that the professional carries out for the fulfillment of the entrusted work:

Trading tracking is available in both countries, in the following cases:

  • Judicial easement
  • Contractual easement
  • Administrative or other easement
  • Opposition
  • Nullity

Viewing Cases

Each case, depending on the Chile or Peru version, the user will be able to see the information that the administrators enter, verifying compliance with the stages of the case, which when advancing, in the extreme left of the screen, it will be displayed with a green ticket and the pending stages in will be marked in blue indicating the stage that remains to be completed; each of the stages will have tasks predetermined by the system that will be in blue with a number associated until they have been completed.

Within each task, the client will be able to access the information that the system administrators fill in, without the possibility of editing it by the client (administrators can edit); and the client will be able to download the files related to each case and that have been fed by the system administrators.
Also, at the far right of the dashboard the client can make requests to the professionals in charge who will be notified of the applicable request. This request will be notified via Email to the professional in charge with the indication made by the client and the link to access the system that will direct him to the exact stage where the Client’s requirement must be met (see photo).

In the extreme left of the panel you will see the alerts of each case. The client and the system administrator can directly review the documents for each case in the tasks section of the flow or from the dashboard in the “documents” section.